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Functional Decolonization Education Collection


The field of psychedelic medicine presents a uniquely fertile space for discussions of decolonization. However, the concept of decolonization is often presented as a philosophical shift lacking clear intermediate steps; it is a vague destination without a roadmap. As an academic entering the psychedelic sciences, I observed that such framing of decolonization leaves learners dissonant and discouraged, with a sense of exclusivity, even helplessness, in their perceived ability to integrate decolonization. Through qualitative research, I developed Functional Decolonization (FD): a methodology for the practice of decolonization that employs cognitive behavioral technique and theories of relativity to elevate agency, access, and ownership in decolonization. This webinar introduces Functional Decolonization, presents qualitative research findings, and will equip you with the tools to begin integrating decolonization into your own research practice. While these series of FD clips were created with psychedelic science research in mind, the principles can be applied in other disciplines as well. - Tegan Carr, TMO Founder & CEO

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