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Reclaiming medicine through decolonization, consulting, advocacy, praxis, and research. We strive for multi-level healing and liberation for ourselves and our communities.

We are empowering communities and driving systemic change through education, scientific research, creative action, and community care. Above all, we are a collective of radical changemakers - scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and community leaders united by a commitment to health equity, healing justice, and progressive change. We practice decolonization to heal ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and push the limits on our innovation. We apply 'systematic decolonization' to dissect systems of oppression and rewire the colonial institutions that gatekeep power and access.


Meet the Collective

Board Members
Our leadership team driving forward the vision.

The Collective

The Medicine Objective family, helping us ground & grow.
Image by Jason Leem

Community Partners

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