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Systematic Decolonization

We invite you to create a powerful and liberated alternative to healing.

Systematic Decolonization is an application of decolonizing theory


Systematic Decolonization (formerly known as Functional Decolonization or FD)...

  • Deconstructs complex problems and restructures processes to yield equitable, just, and sustainable outcomes.

  • Incorporates principles of sociology, cognitive behavioral psychology, linguistics, institutional organizational psychology, and traditional and Indigenous knowledge, as well as diverse lived experience.

  • Has existing applications in clinical research, curriculum, medicine & healthcare delivery, institutional organizational culture, and psychedelic sciences, with many prospective initiatives underway.

  • Is deliberately accessible, flexible, and designed to work with the resources that you have on hand.


There is no “right” way to decolonize. Systematic Decolonization leaves learners empowered, equipped, & aware on their own decolonizing journey by strategically laying stepping stones for decolonizing processes & bridging colonial & extra/paracolonial ways of knowing & being.

How can you get started?

  1. It is CRITICAL that this work includes the voices of stakeholders, like you! ​If you are an educator, care provider, or employed in healthcare, please fill out our brief (3-minute) decolonization survey here.

  2. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about bringing FD to your organization, institution or group!

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