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We collaborate with Headspace, a Minnesota-based special interest group for academics and researchers interested in the psychedelic sciences. Join here

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Psychedelic Research

We collaborate with the Nielson Lab and the University of Minnesota Medical School to advance psychedelic research.

Functional Decolonization

It's one thing to talk about decolonization, but how do we actually do it? And what does doing look like? Is there potential for decolonization within research, academics, in shaping scientific and medical standards? We certainly think so.

Join Tegan for an Intro to FD

The Decolonize Project

Our mission is to systematically (functionally!) decolonize the way we fundamentally understand and execute health sciences education, research, translation, and clinical practice, access, and delivery. It is CRITICAL that this work includes the voices of stakeholders, like you! 

If you are an educator of any subject or are employed in the health sciences, please share your voice with us through this brief 3-minute decolonization survey.

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