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We collaborate with artists, healers, and passionate community members to create beautiful, intentional spaces for healing, liberation, and creative self expression.

These spaces offer deep empowerment, radical healing, and heart-centered community.

We are especially passionate about facilitating decolonized spaces for Black, Brown, and Indigenous folx to heal and blossom. We tap into the local community to grow a cooperative space committed to emotional and psychological safety and we will it with food for the soul. 

We practice decolonized community to intentionally equalize power dynamics cooperation and make space for any individual to contribute.

Every event is dynamic and one-of-a-kind. Past events have hosted collaborative art projects, talking circles, plant exchanges, ceremonies, sensory experiences, reiki and energy healing, traditional healing & cultural practices, herbal workshops, holistic healing services, song, dance, guided meditation, and interactive performance art.


n from any individual with something to offer. any community members 

bring commune with emotional and psychological safety. We work within the local community to give space for artists and that is eflective of the needs and  Engaging in We are especially  and engage in radical healing practices. , self-love, and healing community is essential for  In order to create radical empowerment, Our passion is to create radical healing and empowerment for creating these spaces for


decolonization is essential for self-love.



We integrate art, ceremony, and 
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