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BIPOC PSYCHEDELIC based in Denver put together a
guide to all BIPOC-centered events at PS23!

We're thrilled to be a MAPS PS23 community partner organization!


This is an incredible opportunity to get the traction and visibility we need to grow, but 

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MAPS Psychedelic Science 2023 Conference 
Denver, CO

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Functional Decolonization Office Hours

Date: Wed - Fri 6/21 - 6/23 @ 7:30a-7:30p| Location: Denver Convention Center Exhibition Hall, Booth #1046
(see on map here)

Consult with the experts in functional decolonization and JEDI strategy at The Medicine Objective Inc. booth located in the exhibition hall, booth # 1046.

Drop by anytime!

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We’re Trippin 
Critical Inquiry with Theatre of the Oppressed 

Date: Wed 6/21 @ 3:30p | Location: Denver Convention Center - Community Partners Private Meeting Room

The Theatre of the Oppressed is a powerful strategy for driving social change through dynamic performance art and audience participation. In the Theatre of the Oppressed, the audience becomes active, such that as "spect-actors" they explore, show, analyze and transform the reality in which they are living. We’re Trippin features original vignettes exploring culture, identity, conflict, and controversy in the context of psychedelics. As actors move through a scenario, the audience will be invited to interject, reflect, revise, challenge, and reimagine the scene. Together, the audience and actors will shape the scenario through an iterative process to uncover and explore the complexities of psychedelics, ourselves, and the way we show up. 

BIPOC Chill & Liberation Zone 

Date: Wed - Fri 6/21 - 6/23 @ 10a-6p | Location: Denver Convention Center  - ROOM 711

​​This Free(dom) space will be held all day everyday for BIPOC to drop-in and decompress, take space, restore, breathe and just be. Folx can expect a continuous open talking circle, calming sensory activities, cozy corners, restoration stations, hot tea, and aromatherapy available from

10am-6pm, Wednesday – Friday. 


Pop-up professional healing services like massage, somatic work, and reiki may also appear in this dynamic space! Costs for professional services are at the discretion of the provider. 

The BIPOC Chill & Liberation Zone was envisioned and created by The Medicine Objective, Inc. and is the product of a collaborative effort with BIPOC Psychedelic, The Psychedelic Sisterhood, Mile High Psychedelic Education & Training Center, Asian Psychedelic Collective, PsychedeLiA Integration, Oakland Hyphae, Access 2 Doorways, R&B Counseling, Black Therapists Rock, Black Minds in Meditation, MAPS BIPOC Team, MAPS PBC, and more!

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